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No wiring required when used as a training kit.

Start having fun with EDU:BIT right out of the box. Start coding right away and see your board lights up and plays melody with the press of a button.

Supports up to 3 servo motors and 2 DC motors while playing music at the same time.

Cannot control servo motor and play music at the same time[1]? Servo motor refuses to move correctly[2]? Worry no more! EDU:BIT takes care of these issues with its dedicated controller and power supply.

Built-in LED indicators to ease troubleshooting for both digital and analog IO pins.

Each feature and its associated micro:bit IO pin is clearly labeled on the board for easy reference.

Break off the modules for more flexibility in your project design.

Ready to build your own projects? You can break off the modules on EDU:BIT board. Plug-and-play cables are provided for you to connect the broken off Bits to the main board.

Sales and Purchase of EDU:BIT

Where can I get EDU:BIT?
You can purchase online at

Is there a classroom bundle?
Yes, you can get a classroom bundle at
With this bundle, you get 10 sets at a greater discount.

Is there an option to purchase EDU:BIT kit which does not include micro:bit board?
Yes, you can if you already have a micro:bit. Get it at

Can schools purchase EDU:BIT offline or using government LO?
Yes, you can. Please email your enquiry or request for quotation to

MakeCode Editor (Program the EDU:BIT)

How do I program the EDU:BIT?

The easiest way to start programming the EDU:BIT is using Microsoft's MakeCode editor, accessible via this URL: It is a block-based programming interface specially designed for kids and beginners to learn coding. MakeCode has option for switching to JavaScript or Python text-based programming interface too.

Can I use MakeCode Editor offline?
Yes, you can.

"MakeCode is an HTML5 web application that’s automatically cached locally (saved to your computer or device) when first viewed in your browser. After the web app has loaded you will have everything you need to continue working without an internet connection. If you decide to add an extension, it’s possible that you’ll again need to connect to the internet to allow the code in the new extension to compile." - Source:

Alternatively you can download and install MakeCode Offline App.

EDU:BIT Guide Book

Is the book available in soft copy?
Yes, you can download the pdf copy from the [ Download ] page.

Is the book available in other languages?
We're passionate about eliminating the language barrier and let every kid have access to this guide book in their mother tongue. Thanks to volunteers all around the globe, EDU:BIT guide book in the following languages are now available for download in PDF format (click the language to download):

German and French versions are currently in progress.

If you'd also like to volunteer to translate this book into another language, we welcome you to get in touch with us. Email to

Certification Program

Do I need to register for the certification program? How much is the registration fee?
This is a FREE program; there is no registration fee. Head on to the certification page to register.

*Reminder and link to sit for the test will be emailed to registered candidates one week before the test. If you do not receive any email from us, please check your junk mail. For further assistance, you can email to .

What documentation do I need to provide for the project submission?
We will need you to submit ...

  • a short demo video to show how the project works (upload the video to YouTube/Facebook and send us the link),

  • your code with comments to explain what each chunk of blocks does (publish your project on MakeCode Editor and send us the URL), and

  • an A4-sized poster (in pdf format). Your poster must include an image/illustration of the project and a brief description on how it works. Remember to include the project title, your name and school/centre.

Please refer to Break the Code, Let's Play and Application Challenge pages in the book as a guide.

What are the requirements to receive the course completion certificate?
Submitted an original project and passed the theory test (60% and above).

  • 85% and above - Distinction

  • 70% - 84% - Merit

  • 60% - 69% - Pass

How will I know the result?
Please allow us up to one month to evaluate all projects. Do NOT send multiple submissions. Successful candidates will receive an e-cert (via email).

If you do not receive any email from us, please check your junk mail. For further assistance, you can email to .


How to join?
Just go to Community Page and click the button to apply.

What are the different roles and requirements?

  • Jr Facilitators are student leaders nominated by their teacher or trainer. They have completed the course, built and shared a project; and are thus well-equipped with the know-how and experience to guide their peers in a one-to-one or small group setting.

  • Certified Instructors are experienced educators who have attended EDU:BIT product training session (either online or in person) and are familiar with MakeCode Editor. They have conducted introductory workshop to EDU:BIT for their students or peers.

  • Certified Coaches are educators who have successfully trained at least 3 students to complete the course and become Jr Facilitators.

  • Master Trainers are educators who not only train students but are also empowering fellow educators. They have trained and mentored at least 3 coaches.


How long is the warranty?
1 year for manufacturing defects.
*The warranty does NOT cover wear and tear, and damages due to misuse, abuse or improper maintenance.

How to claim warranty?

Click [HERE] to report the product's failure or problem. This will lead you to our “Support, Warranty & Return” page. Fill in all the details and click “CONTINUE”.

Our technical team will contact you to troubleshoot and verify the problem. If the product is required to be returned, we will provide you with the warranty form. Fill in and return the warranty form together with the defective product. *Every product return must have the warranty form filled out in detail, or else it will not be processed.

It takes 7 working days to troubleshoot, repair and test the warranty product from the date of receipt.

Got a question not answered?
Click button to leave us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. We'd love to hear from you.